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This is the BEST Mexican carryout ever! The fish tacos are out of sight and my husband swears the tostadas are like no others. — Gennell S. Facebook

The best burrito you can buy in Illinois. I’ve ate ALOT of burritos in IL the passed 15 years. This place wins 10 star rating. I usually tip them them cost of the burrito because it’s that good. Friendly staff. Cool mural on the wall. Try this place out for sure. -Kapustka K. Google

OK, Mexican food is likely my favorite of all foods and I heard of a new burrito spot so of course i’m gunna give it a shot as i’m always game to find a better burrito or taco than what I knew existed. So Javis comes into my view and I grab a spot and pull in. I walk in the door and it is a small floor space without tables so its a take out spot. No problem, I order a a pork burrito. I request a cup of red and green sauce to go with it. I got home and unwrapped it, stood it up and took a bite. The pork is seasoned very well, there is a great flavor with every bite! I pull out the red sauce and put a dab on for the next bite. The consistency of the sauce screams freshly made as its not total liquid, it’s got a bit of body to it and the taste really got my attention. It paired very nicely with the pork! The green was also good but didnt complement the pork as well as it might with a chicken burrito but its still a good sauce!

Ambiance: It’s a take out spot….not dining in here.
Taste: Thumbs up! It was really good! If Im in the area, Im stopping here for sure!
Value: With the flavor they are packing in there you cant get it at a better price!

I’ll be back for sure! an amazing testimonial here. — Coq R. Yelp Lombard